Client Recommendation Bonus

Terms & Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions in relation to this scheme.
  2. Subject to compliance with all the terms of this Agreement, Malone and White Solicitors will, pay you a fee of £150 for recommending clients to us.
  3. The fee of £150.00 shall be payable to you when the case is settled in our client’s favour and legal costs of at least £1000 are payable by the defendants and has been paid.
  4. if Small claims costs are awarded then no referral fee shall be payable.
  5. We will notify you when the case recommend as has been accepted.
  6. You or your friend/family member must via watsapp or email photographs of the disrepair and the client must contact us directly. We are prohibited by law from making payment if you supply the client details to us. They must tell us of the recommendation within 28 days of contacting us.
  7. You are an individual established client of the firm and are not acting in the course of any business when making a recommendation. You are not involved in claims management. The scheme will apply only to your friends and family and must not be offered to people you do not know.
  8. You will not recommend any clients to us who have been identified by your advertising or producing any publicity in relation to this scheme.
  9. You will not ‘cold call’ potential clients or participate in activity which would put Malone and White Solicitors in breach of the Solicitors Code of Conduct ( )
  10. Our advice to any recommended client will be impartial and not affected or influenced by the recommendation by you.
  11. We will not be able to update you on your recommended client’s case, our duty of confidentiality prevents this.
  12. We will inform clients when a fee has been paid to you.
  13. You must inform the recommended client that you will receive a fee and the amount of that fee for recommending our services.
  14. We will not pay you for more than 10 recommendations in any calendar year.
  15. We both acknowledge that no element of the fee relates to any personal injury which may or may not relate to a housing case. No fee will be payable where it is illegal to for us to pay a referral fee.
  16. We may terminate this agreement at any time.
  17. There will be no fee payable if the recommended client, or us terminate their retainer prior to settlement of the claim.